Introduction about Nursing Department

Nursing Department was established under The Decision No. 1164 / QD-DHTV dated July 24th, 2012 by the Rector of Tra Vinh University


Nursing is a humanistic science considered as the liberal arts and sciences as well. This foundation when integrated with evidence-based nursing and patient-centered approach provides the basis of professional practice. The learning environment is flexible and student-centered allowing for a free exchange of ideas. Teaching and learning are an interactive process whereby both teacher and learner assume responsibility for the acquisition of knowledge


The Nursing Department at Tra Vinh University is one of the region‘s leading nursing academic institutions offering professional nurses


  1. To prepare professional nurses with academic excellence along with moral, ethical standards, and social contribution
  2. To develop the nursing professional with a global perspective to serve nursing practice with diverse adaptation

Cẩm Anh – Tiến Thịnh


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